Luc Escot and Patrice McCauley

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Luc Escot and Patrice McCauley

Luc and Patrice Healing are two Energetic Healing Therapists who use a number of different techniques to help clients achieve conscious wellness. We give treatments together and also work as individuals.

Together (4 Hands Healing) Enriched by the balance of male and female energy, we can quickly bring you to a deeper place of healing that enables you to release stress and rediscover your natural state of freedom and balance. Two hearts support you and four hands bring movement and light to your whole being.

Luc (Qualified Samvahan therapist) Son of a great healer, Luc has grown up learning and practicing a number of healing techniques. He practices Samvahan and intuitively combines this technique with Essenian healing, lymphatic drainage, Deep Tissue massage and Energetic body work to bring flow and movement to your whole being. Luc’s treatments re-energise your body, help you release stress and leave you feeling peaceful and grounded.

Patrice (Qualified Reiki, Kinesiology and Samvahan therapist) After a successful international career in the corporate world, Patrice discovered alternative therapy and consciousness as an antidote to the frenetic pace of life today. She now dedicates herself to passing on her knowledge and experience to help others. Using a blend of Kinesiology, Energy Psychology, NLP and Energetic bodywork Patrice works to locate and balance the root cause of symptoms that present in your body, mind and spirit.

In their clinic in Blackrock (The Garden Flat, 57 Carysfort Avenue Blackrock, Co Dublin) Luc and Patrice offer Samvahan Vibrational Healing, Emotional Trauma Release, Allergy Testing, Jaw Reset, Energy Re- alignment, Deep Tissue and Lymphatic Drainage massage.

For more information, special offers, and events please visit , send an email to  or call 087 1681953.

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